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The Luna Standard


Janitorial Services

At Luna Cleaners, we believe that communication is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. Our skilled janitorial services are not just about expertise; they start with clear, ongoing communication.


By understanding your unique needs and priorities, we can deliver tailored cleaning solutions that truly benefit you. Our timeliness and flexibility are all part of this commitment to open dialogue, ensuring that our partnership is built on trust and responsiveness.


Our data-driven approach further strengthens this bond, allowing us to continually adapt and optimize our services to your changing requirements. This approach is not just about precision; it is also about efficiency and cost savings for our valued customers. By leveraging data and analytics, we can accurately assess your unique needs and usage patterns, allowing us to optimize our services and resources accordingly. This means that you not only receive a tailored and effective solution but also enjoy the advantage of cost savings by eliminating unnecessary expenditures. Our commitment to utilizing data to benefit you ensures that every aspect of our service is finely tuned to provide the highest value while keeping costs in check. 

All tasks such as trash removal, restroom sanitization, sweeping/mopping of all hard floors, vacuuming of carpeted areas, dusting of horizontal surfaces, etc., will be incorporated into your tailored specifications.

Why You Should Partner With Luna Cleaners

The Luna Difference

5-Star Customer Service

Benefit from tailored schedules and the assurance of consistent personnel, providing you with the peace of mind of always knowing who is responsible for the cleanliness of your space.

We adhere to our promised schedule, ensuring that we consistently arrive as scheduled.


Proactive Communication

By fostering proactive communication, we mitigate potential challenges and ensure that everyone remains well-informed and aligned.

Establishes a transparent and mutually beneficial feedback mechanism between all involved parties.

Data-Driven Operations

Utilize consumable tracking to deliver real-time inventory updates and valuable insights regarding usage rates.

Delivers comprehensive inspection reporting, customized checklists, and enhanced cost-efficiency.


Local & Family Owned

Operating on the Northshore with our roots in Mandeville, we bring a deep understanding of the community's unique needs and a commitment to providing personalized, community-focused services that benefit our clients in distinctive ways.

Our strong community ties drive us to provide more attentive and responsive service, ensuring that your needs are promptly and personally addressed.

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